Monday, February 27, 2012

When did I turn into an old lady?

What happened to the days of counting down the seconds til my Tax Refund came in, because I just couldn't wait to blow it on meaningless items? A new wardrobe? Why yes, I think I need one. That gorgeous purse at Dillard's? Sure, I think I can find a way to justify it as a necessity. A straight week of expensive dinners every night? Brad and I do need to spend more time together.

Nope, this year I apparently turned into a homemaker...a grandma homemaker. Sure, there are a couple of dresses and shirts I'd like to get, and there's that Brahmin purse I've been fighting the urge to buy, but what have I just been dying to buy this year?

A steam mop.

Yup, a steam mop. A Shark Steam Mop, to be exact. That baby is a beast! We bought it last night at 10:30pm, and at 12:15am what was I doing? That's right, steaming the floors......and I could not have been more excited to do so.