Friday, March 2, 2012

I'm so happy 'cause I'm a gummy bear, GUMMY BEAR!

(If you have no idea what the title is from, click here. Slightly vulgur, extremely hilarious!)

Well it's been a very hard secret to keep for the last month and a half, but Brad and I are happy to finally tell the world that we are expecting! We found out on January 24th.......after I took about 7 pregnancy tests in one day...just to be sure. Yes, it was a little bit ridiculous, lol

We had our first prenatal appointment on February 16, and the next is on March 19th. Yesterday was our first ultrasound and there are no words to describe how amazing it was. I was completely expecting the baby to just be a little glob on the screen, which is why were were so surprised to see a BABY! I know that sounds weird, but we were not at all prepared to see a little tiny human already.

What was even more exciting is that the mini-person on the screen decided to entertain us. When the ultrasound first started, everything was still. A couple minutes later that little image was dancing around. It was so unreal to see the little arms and legs moving around and bending. I wish I could buy an ultrasound machine to have at home, so we could watch our little baby wiggle around every day!

Minor Details: Since my "cycles" are so irregular, the doctor is going by fetal development alone. So according to Baby's development, size, etc., he/she is approximately 10 weeks and 1 day. So, I'm technically 12-13 weeks pregnant. I still can't get over how confusing that whole system is! Based on that info, she has given me an estimated due date of September 27, 2012.....just in time for the holidays!

Our little Gummy Bear!