Monday, July 16, 2012

The anticipation is becoming unbearable!

Words cannot describe how anxious I am for this antsy little bugger to be here!

Here are some of my favorite shots from last weeks sonogram.

She has her daddy's little nose.

 She was opening and closing her mouth so much, it looked like she was talking!

This one is slightly terrifying, but she was yawning and you can see her tiny tongue!

This was one of the clearest shots that came out. 
You can even see her eye slightly open.

She kept putting her hands on her face.

Tiny little toes <3

And now for my absolute favorite:
Sucking her thumb for can even see the little bubbles!

Our little acrobat is squirming around right now...I think she knows I'm talking about her!

So, finally getting an idea of what her pretty little face is going to look like isn't the only exciting thing that has happened over the last week; her bedroom is coming together too! Brad, our moms and his sister, Katelyn, all helped get the room painted up for me. It turned out absolutely gorgeous! 3 walls are yellow and the 4th (where the crib will be) is a beauuutiful purple! The purple paint even had a fabulous name: Cloudberry. Clouuuudberrrry! hehe It's just so funny to even say!

With all that painting that got done, this weekend all I wanted to do was decorate! Over Saturday and Sunday I hung up the artwork, etc, that we have so far. I also had Brad place the furniture where I wanted it. I still have some fun things to do with drawer-fronts on the 2 dressers. I'll post pictures of the Clouuuudberry wall once the crib/curtains/etc are all set give you the full effect ;) For now, you get pictures of the rest of the room. It's still a work in progress, but we're pretty proud of it!

  Our fabulous 50's chairs! One is a deep purple and the other is
a deep pink. I still need to paint the legs a metallic gold.

Hopefully these built-in bookcases will finally reach their full potential!
I also want to do something fun with the back of each shelf.
If all goes according to plan, they should coordinate with the drawers on the furniture.

 Here's a closer shot of the artwork. I bought the 2 pictures from HomeGoods at
The Rim in San Antonio. Brad's mom bought the matching bulletin board from a
HomeGoods in Dallas.

 Brad's mom found this adorable little wicker shelf at an antique shop
here in Corpus Christi.

She's going to be such a diva with all of her little sock shoes!

 This is the other set of pictures I got at HomeGoods.

Here's a good shot of the other little vanity/dresser. This is what
we're going to use as the changing table. (The little decals on the mirror
match the bedding set.)

Oh, and look what seems to have snuck it's way into the room last night:
His explanation was: "It's a girl!!! See, she's pink!!!!"

Oh, Brad! I can't live with him, I can't live without him! He confessed to me last night that he "took some pictures of the room to show off at work, because it's coming together preTTy well." I asked him who he showed it off to, his answer was "Anyone who would look!" Sigh. He's always reminding me why I love him so much!