Friday, September 14, 2012

The Gift of Family

The last couple of weeks have been a little crazy. Last week, I was out of work most of the week, because I was having quite a bit of contractions and for 2 days I had a horrible migraine...which warranted an extra trip to the doctor. Last Thursday the doctor had me go in for my migraine, because she wanted to make sure I wasn't having any blood pressure issues. Everything was a-okay. I went back the next day for my normal visit and she said I was dilated to a 1, with no effacement.

Sunday night I started having really horrible, close contractions, but they fizzled after about 2 hours. Monday I was still having them fairly regularly, but also had a couple of other symptoms that were worrying me, so I called the doctor and she advised that I go ahead and check-in to Labor & Delivery at the hospital. They checked me out (Still dilated at a 1, but had moved up to 50% effacement) and after about 3 1/2 hours, they sent us home with a bedrest order. Boo.

Today I had another regular appointment, still dilated at a 1, but now effaced at at least something seems to be progressing! The doctor also said that my belly was measuring a bit larger than last week, with no weight gain. So, she sent me next door for a sonogram to see how big the baby was. Dear God, I was hoping she was too big so we could schedule an induction! No such luck. She's perfectly normal, with a weight of 6lbs 6oz...which is actually a tiny bit under the average weight for 38 weeks, but only by a couple of ounces. I guess it's just the way she's positioned that's making my belly look bigger. Poor thing doesn't have anymore room in there! I'm just happy that it looks like she's going to be a fairly small baby....she'll fit in all those tiny cute clothes longer!

In the abundance of alone time I've had lately, I've had a lot of time to think about all of those last little things that need to be taken care of. Mostly the practical stuff, like putting the final touches on Harper's room, doing some last minute shopping for things we may need, making sure all of our bills are paid in advance (Lord knows Brad does would not even know where to start!) and making sure everything around the house is caught up. I've literally washed every piece of laundry in this house....even the things that were already clean. I'm in a laundry craze right now. Brad has been such a huge help too, I wash/dry/fold/hang, he runs it all up and down the stairs! It's a good deal :) I've also had LOTS of time to get familiar with Lifetime Movie Network! I can't decide which day is my favorite: Pick-A-Flick Monday, Tainted Love Tuesday, Women Who Kill Wednesday, True Movie Thursday or New Movie Friday. I'm watching a movie called Cyberstalker right now!

Aside from the household tasks and all of the Lifetime movies, I did have time to think about some important things also. Mostly about how blessed I've been and how I do not have one complaint about my entire life, but thinking about all of that made me realize how much larger Harper's abundance of blessings is going to be. I've lived my life as an only child to a single mother who's worked harder than I'd think humanly possible to always make sure I had everything I needed and wanted. Sometimes she gets a little down on herself for me growing up without a father, but I can honestly say that never once in my adolescence did the thought even cross my mind and now, in my adult life, it's still not really a thought in my mind. I just always knew that I had a mother who cared for me and knew that was all I needed.

Not only am I an only child to a single parent, but I'm also an only niece to my Aunt and I'm, well, was, an only grandchild to my only grandparent. Obviously, the whole no father thing also meant I never knew my paternal grandparents...I honestly don't even know if they were alive at any point during my lifetime. As for my maternal grandparents, my grandfather passed away on January 13, 1986...exactly 1 year and 1 day before I was born (January 14, 1987), but through my large extended family of 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and so on, cousins and great-aunts and uncles (another blessing I'm grateful for) I've had the pleasure of hearing numerous stories about what an amazing man he was and it makes me feel like I do know him. Luckily, I did have the opportunity to grow up knowing an amazing grandmother. Unfortunately, we lost her when I was a freshman in high school, but I am so thankful for the years I had with her. Although, I must admit, losing her at such an awkward stage in my life wasn't the easiest thing I've been through.

Now, I didn't say all of that to make you sad, but to put emphasis on why, exactly, all of those little details make me so much more excited for Harper to be here. My point is, if I turned out good (I like to think I did!) even with having so few close-family members in my life, I can't even fathom how awesome Harper's little world is going to be! She's going to be born to a mommy who has been praying for her since she, herself, first started dreaming of growing up and getting married, and a daddy who she doesn't even know is already wrapped around her little finger and we hope to, God-willing, give her siblings to grow up with. She'll also have THREE amazing grandmas to love on her, one really amazing grandpa, and she's even going to be able to know her great-grandparents! She's also going to have FIVE aunts who are all dying for her to make her appearance and 2, soon-to-be 3, uncles, who I'm sure will help spoil her. She already has a few cousins waiting on her, and hopefully in the next few years she'll have a few more!

I will admit, it does get a little exhausting having so many people to keep updated every time we have additional news on the pregnancy, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I'm just so thankful to have an amazing family by blood, by law and by the grace of God <3

Sunday, August 19, 2012

An Overdue Update

I just realized it's been a little over a month since my last post! Unacceptable, I know. I don't even know where to begin with the whirlwind that has been the past month. I guess I'll do my best to keep things in chronological order.

I had my first Baby Shower and it was absolutely fabulous! It was hosted by 2 of my great friends, Brady & Cassie...along with 2 surprise co-hostesses, the lovely Michelle and Cassie's momma! I'm so happy with the turnout. I was able to see a few friends I haven't seen in years, along with a good sized group of my amazing family! Here are a few pics :)

My pretty corsage that Brady made.

Cassie made this cute onesie/washcloth/etc. castle.

Brady made this arrangement - it matches Harper's room perfectly!

My mom's contribution - this cute little princess cake!

My friend, Patricia, made these adorable little shoes. Her mom also made a crochet blanket for Harper, but I don't have that picture handy :(

Cassie, her mom, and Michelle all pitched in on this amazing Pack'N Play!

We got a ton of other gifts too!

So many things to open!

"Pin The Baby On The Belly" got really awkward, really fast!

My beautiful cousin, Caitlin. I just realized our dresses coordinated!

(Don't look at my face.) Harper's Grandma Cheryl & Aunt Katelyn!

Two of my good friends, Sara & Aubrey.

I'm still trying to round up more pictures from this shower! If you have some, send them to me!


I had my second Baby Shower, which Brad was actually able to attend with me. This one was hosted by his mom, Cheryl, and sisters, Lauren & Katelyn. It was great! Most of Brad's family was able to make it, along with my family and some friends I hadn't seen in ages! It was a paaaaacked house! The most exciting part was that we got to meet Brad's oldest sister and two of her daughters for the first time ever! It was so special that all 5 of his sisters were able to be there. 

This shower was cupcake themed, because Brad's mom has decided that Harper's nickname is going to be "Cupcake". Speaking of, I think this little Cupcake needs to come out of the oven already! I'm ready to ice her in adorable outfits and bows!!! Brad's mom and sisters did an amazing job with all of the decorations! It was definitely something straight off of Pinterest!

I loved the cupcake cups around the lights! (There's my belly in the mirror!)

Game supplies and prizes!

One of many cupcake towers!

Even the sandwiches were shaped like cupcakes!

Grandma Cheryl made this ADORABLE diaper cake!

So cute! Lauren made the banner!

Beverage Station!

The beautiful hostesses!

This is Brad's oldest sister and 2 of her daughters. This was our first time meeting her and our nieces in person! We can't wait til we get to see them again!

Harper's Great-Grandma, Marilyn!

This one is definitely getting framed! My Honey Bunny with all FIVE of his sisters! 2 Hogans and 3 Hajeks!

Brad and his excited Momma!

The rest of the story:

Shower #3 actually happened yesterday, but there will be more on that in the next post! I still have to gather up pics and upload them. Let's just say, one person's gift definitely stole the show and resulted in me crying like a baby...which led to other people crying, because I was crying...there will not be pictures of my ugly crying face, lol

I am so thankful to everyone who has contributed to, and attended, the showers. This pregnancy has been such an amazing experience for Brad and I. All of these parties have definitely made me much more excited for her to be here! I can't wait for her to meet all of the loving people who can't wait to be a part of her life! I guess it's just one of those things that's bittersweet though, as much as I want her to be here, I know I'm going to miss being pregnant. I was just talking to my good friend, Alexia, about how I'm pretty sure I'm going to have an emotional breakdown over not being pregnant anymore. There's just something about it. Even with all of the aches, pains, nausea, fatigue and feeling like a cow, it's all so worth it every time I feel her wiggle in my belly.

It's been such an amazing journey and, at the end of every day, I know this has all been God's plan all along. Everything has just fallen into place so perfectly. Although I'm still very sad over our first pregnancy not carrying through, I feel like that experience has made me cherish this one so much more. It's not something that just happens. This time around it's just so apparent that this is the time for us to be parents. Brad and I have grown a lot over the past couple of years. Both of us had kind of been avoiding the subject of getting pregnant again. Then, in December, shortly before Christmas, we finally talked about it again and found that I had been avoiding it, because I just thought he still wasn't ready and that, when he was, he would come to me about it, and he had been avoiding it for the same reason...on top of his fear of not knowing how we would handle the emotional hardship if we lost another one. So, after talking for awhile, we realized that we were both ready to take that risk again. The funny thing is, in God's apparent sense of humor, about a week after that conversation....voila! We found out I was pregnant on January 24th and had our first Prenatal Appointment on February 16th, at which point the doctor determined that I was 8 weeks pregnant...which means we conceived a little over a week after that conversation. 

This is how I "told" Brad we were expecting. It was a Tuesday evening, I was at home and he was at work and I sent him this picture with no explanation. About 2 seconds later he called, I could HEAR his ear to ear smile, and said "Is that what I think it is?!?!?". I said yes and he immediately asked if he could start telling people...I told him no, not yet. lol
 Of course, there was that initial "fear" when we first found out, even though we were definitely very excited. Those thoughts did start running through our heads as far as finances and everything go, because everyone always talks about how expensive babies are. I called our insurance and, as it turned out, we actually have amazing coverage when it comes to pregnancy. Then, when my January paycheck came at the end of the month, there was a very nice surprise...I got a significant raise. That was one of the first things that really put my mind at ease that everything was meant to be and would be okay. We waited til March to actually tell people we were pregnant, just in case. Around that time, Brad got a small raise at work also. He actually just got an additional, much more significant, raise this month and was accepted into a manager training program with HEB. So, hopefully he'll be getting a nice promotion in the near future :) It's just like every time something happens that causes a little bit of stress, something else happens to counter that and completely put our minds at ease.

On another note, over the past couple of weeks I've also slipped into Fall mode! Fall is my favorite season and, although I know August is still Summer, I start going Fall crazy as soon as August comes around! I got some new, gold curtains for our downstairs windows and spruced up our Fall wreath. It used to be all cream-toned flowers, but I added some rust tones in there! Once I finish up the mantel decor, I'll take a picture of the decorated mantel with the gold curtains on the side. I even put in my big Fall Scentsy order last week...I'm officially stocked up on my favorite Fall scent!

I've always made sure to decorate at least a little bit, but now that Harper's almost here I think the decorating is going to get a bit more extreme. I want to make sure she remembers always having a beautifully decorated home!

Yeah, the Fall doormat is out too :)

Tonight, I'll say goodbye with an up-to-date belly pic! Enjoy!
It's very round!

Monday, July 16, 2012

The anticipation is becoming unbearable!

Words cannot describe how anxious I am for this antsy little bugger to be here!

Here are some of my favorite shots from last weeks sonogram.

She has her daddy's little nose.

 She was opening and closing her mouth so much, it looked like she was talking!

This one is slightly terrifying, but she was yawning and you can see her tiny tongue!

This was one of the clearest shots that came out. 
You can even see her eye slightly open.

She kept putting her hands on her face.

Tiny little toes <3

And now for my absolute favorite:
Sucking her thumb for can even see the little bubbles!

Our little acrobat is squirming around right now...I think she knows I'm talking about her!

So, finally getting an idea of what her pretty little face is going to look like isn't the only exciting thing that has happened over the last week; her bedroom is coming together too! Brad, our moms and his sister, Katelyn, all helped get the room painted up for me. It turned out absolutely gorgeous! 3 walls are yellow and the 4th (where the crib will be) is a beauuutiful purple! The purple paint even had a fabulous name: Cloudberry. Clouuuudberrrry! hehe It's just so funny to even say!

With all that painting that got done, this weekend all I wanted to do was decorate! Over Saturday and Sunday I hung up the artwork, etc, that we have so far. I also had Brad place the furniture where I wanted it. I still have some fun things to do with drawer-fronts on the 2 dressers. I'll post pictures of the Clouuuudberry wall once the crib/curtains/etc are all set give you the full effect ;) For now, you get pictures of the rest of the room. It's still a work in progress, but we're pretty proud of it!

  Our fabulous 50's chairs! One is a deep purple and the other is
a deep pink. I still need to paint the legs a metallic gold.

Hopefully these built-in bookcases will finally reach their full potential!
I also want to do something fun with the back of each shelf.
If all goes according to plan, they should coordinate with the drawers on the furniture.

 Here's a closer shot of the artwork. I bought the 2 pictures from HomeGoods at
The Rim in San Antonio. Brad's mom bought the matching bulletin board from a
HomeGoods in Dallas.

 Brad's mom found this adorable little wicker shelf at an antique shop
here in Corpus Christi.

She's going to be such a diva with all of her little sock shoes!

 This is the other set of pictures I got at HomeGoods.

Here's a good shot of the other little vanity/dresser. This is what
we're going to use as the changing table. (The little decals on the mirror
match the bedding set.)

Oh, and look what seems to have snuck it's way into the room last night:
His explanation was: "It's a girl!!! See, she's pink!!!!"

Oh, Brad! I can't live with him, I can't live without him! He confessed to me last night that he "took some pictures of the room to show off at work, because it's coming together preTTy well." I asked him who he showed it off to, his answer was "Anyone who would look!" Sigh. He's always reminding me why I love him so much!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Amazon Baby

I had my 27 week prenatal appointment today!

Good News: I passed my Glucose Test with flying colors! (Yay me!) This means I don't have to take the yucky 3 hour test.
Questionable News: Dr. Hyde said my belly is measuring a bit bigger than it should be for 27 weeks. At my 25 week appointment the measurement was in line with what's normal, but I exploded over the last 2 weeks! Since I haven't gained any weight, that only leaves one baby. It's not really anything to be alarmed over. It could just means that I'll most likely be having her sooner than my due date of September 27th.

We'll be having our 4D Sonogram next Thursday, which I'm extremely excited about. I can't wait to see who our little angel looks like! As of today, we'll actually end up having 2 sonograms on that day. The 4D, of course, but due to the amazon baby theory, I'll need to have another regular sonogram that same day to see just how big she is.

I just can't believe how quickly everything is happening. It feels like just yesterday we were finding out I was pregnant and, now, it's possible we might have our precious little blessing in as little as 8 weeks! At this point, the feeling is that she will be coming at least a week early, possibly sooner.

This picture is from 6/27/2012. I'm pretty sure I've gotten bigger over the past couple of days. Just to give you an idea of how huge I am, consider that my hand is resting on the front of my leg!

In other news, unrelated to the pregnancy, I got a pretty drastic haircut today! My hair had just gotten so long and unmanageable, I finally decided to chop it off. I'm pretty happy with the outcome :)

Excuse my terrifying face, there's a severe lack of make-up!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Girl, oh girl!

These last few weeks have absolutely flown by! Brad and I had our 25 Week Prenatal Appointment today. Part of today's appointment was a Glucose Test....yuck. Have you ever had something so sweet it burned? That's exactly what it's like!

Well, I've decided to go ahead and share our 20 Week sonogram pictures of Harper. I absolutely cannot wait til we get to see her again! We should be having a 4D sonogram in the next couple of weeks where we'll actually be able to see what her sweet little face looks like <3 I'm still betting she's a little mini-me of Brad!

[Her little profile looks just like Brad.]

[She's looking at you!]

[Tiny little arms.]

[Can't wait to play with those toes!]

[Last, but not least, the bump. (It's bigger now, than it was in the pic.)]