Thursday, June 14, 2012

Girl, oh girl!

These last few weeks have absolutely flown by! Brad and I had our 25 Week Prenatal Appointment today. Part of today's appointment was a Glucose Test....yuck. Have you ever had something so sweet it burned? That's exactly what it's like!

Well, I've decided to go ahead and share our 20 Week sonogram pictures of Harper. I absolutely cannot wait til we get to see her again! We should be having a 4D sonogram in the next couple of weeks where we'll actually be able to see what her sweet little face looks like <3 I'm still betting she's a little mini-me of Brad!

[Her little profile looks just like Brad.]

[She's looking at you!]

[Tiny little arms.]

[Can't wait to play with those toes!]

[Last, but not least, the bump. (It's bigger now, than it was in the pic.)]

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