Friday, June 29, 2012

Amazon Baby

I had my 27 week prenatal appointment today!

Good News: I passed my Glucose Test with flying colors! (Yay me!) This means I don't have to take the yucky 3 hour test.
Questionable News: Dr. Hyde said my belly is measuring a bit bigger than it should be for 27 weeks. At my 25 week appointment the measurement was in line with what's normal, but I exploded over the last 2 weeks! Since I haven't gained any weight, that only leaves one baby. It's not really anything to be alarmed over. It could just means that I'll most likely be having her sooner than my due date of September 27th.

We'll be having our 4D Sonogram next Thursday, which I'm extremely excited about. I can't wait to see who our little angel looks like! As of today, we'll actually end up having 2 sonograms on that day. The 4D, of course, but due to the amazon baby theory, I'll need to have another regular sonogram that same day to see just how big she is.

I just can't believe how quickly everything is happening. It feels like just yesterday we were finding out I was pregnant and, now, it's possible we might have our precious little blessing in as little as 8 weeks! At this point, the feeling is that she will be coming at least a week early, possibly sooner.

This picture is from 6/27/2012. I'm pretty sure I've gotten bigger over the past couple of days. Just to give you an idea of how huge I am, consider that my hand is resting on the front of my leg!

In other news, unrelated to the pregnancy, I got a pretty drastic haircut today! My hair had just gotten so long and unmanageable, I finally decided to chop it off. I'm pretty happy with the outcome :)

Excuse my terrifying face, there's a severe lack of make-up!

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  1. Just have her on Sept. 24th. Then we cam have the same birthday!!