Sunday, May 6, 2012

Our First Purchase for Baby!

We officially bought our first piece of "furniture" for little Baby Hajek!

I had been peeking around at high chairs for a couple of months, but wasn't really happy with anything I saw. I've always dreamed of having a pretty, antique, wooden high chair when we had a baby. So now that having a baby is a reality, I wanted to make sure to find the chair I'd always imagined.

I had been looking and looking to no avail and then, last Saturday, I found it! My mom and I were antiquing and came across the perfect little chair. The funny thing is that, just the night before, Brad and I were just noticing that since our dining set only has 5 chairs, it was like there was a spot reserved for Baby!

This is the chair we got. It was already completely sanded down.
I'm excited to refinish it into our own :)

What's perfect is that the style is very similar to our dining set. So I'm wanting to stain the tray and footrest the same shade as our tabletop, and then paint the rest an antique, off-white, just like our table and chairs. (See below)

It should fit in perfectly :)

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