Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How time flies...

I cannot believe that the last blog I wrote was before my child was born...she will be 5 months old in just 2 short weeks. Wow.

I suppose there's a lot to catch up on, this will be mostly pictures.

September 2012
Harper's very first picture...goo and all.
My first time holding that little munchkin.
She instantly had Daddy wrapped around her tiny little finger.
Approximately 1 week later, her newborn photos were taken by Rachel Scott.
(Check her out, she's really awesome: Scott Photography)
She was such a little trooper. P.S. I made that banner ;)
Tiny little toes.
October 2012
Halloween 2012 Pictures

Our little Minnie Mouse! She was a big hit trick-or-treating.
November 2012

November was very exciting, particularly for me. Not only was it the end to Election season chaos, but I also cooked Harper's first Thanksgiving meal. Of course, she couldn't eat any, but still.
Harper's kiss from the Congressman after the big win on Election night.
I wish this outfit could fit her forever!
My sweet little Turkey.
So, now to boast over my amazing Thanksgiving decorating and cooking....
Of course, it wouldn't be a proper Thanksgiving without Duck Dynasty on in the background.

There were a wholllle lotta' leftovers.
Next to the fireplace mantle, this is my favorite thing to decorate.
December 2012
Christmas decorations may or may not have gone up Thanksgiving night.
Harper's Elf on the Shelf - Ellie
Her first picture with Santa.
That face...
Our little gingerbread girl!
Our favorite present :)

Harper's custom onesies made by: Over The Moon Baby Boutique
Harper's custom bows made by: Amy's Bowtique

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