Saturday, June 28, 2014

How has it been a year?

How has it been an entire YEAR since my last post???

I swear, every month or so I think to myself "I really need to write something." and every time, I forget! (I blame it on the loss of brain cells from two pregnancies.) ................Oh yeah, in the time that's passed since the last post, I found out I was pregnant, gave birth, and now have a 3 month old baby girl! Two under's greeeeat.....most of the time ;)

So, let me formally introduce the blogworld to my sweet, little lucky charm, Holly Beth <3

Holland Elizabeth Hajek - 03/17/2014 - 7lbs 4oz - 21"  

Holland has been absolutely fantastic. It was a rough first couple of months with all the all nighters, but I'm happy to announce that for the last few weeks she's been sleeping sweet and sound all-night-long.

She's happy and healthy! We did have to make a visit to Driscoll Children's Hospital for an ultrasound of her hips, because there was a slight concern from her doctor, but I got the call yesterday that everything is completely normal and there is no longer a reason for concern.

Big Sister, Harper is loving having a real, live baby doll. She likes to help mommy and daddy by handing us bottles, trying to help put on her bib and bringing diapers and wipes....she likes to give her a paci too.

The happy big sister!
I'll have to admit, I was a little bit worried about Harper would take it. I've heard horror stories about jealous older siblings, but she really has been great. We work really hard to give them equal attention. Of course, with Holland being so tiny, sometimes she just requires more, but we try to involve Harper in what we're doing for/with Holland, or at least explain why we're having to do whatever it is that we're doing.

Speaking of explaining things to Harper, that kid understands SO much! I can give her detailed instructions, and she'll follow them to the T (which is more than I can say about her daddy ;)). She loves to gab away too, saying new words every day. I can't wait til I can carry on a real conversation with her!

From Holland's newborn photo session with Mommy!
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